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When it comes to driving with smoothness and comfort,  it is important to choose the right tyres for the vehicle because it is known to be the only part that touches the road surface directly. Convenience is the foremost factor that every individual offers by most of the manufacturers. Therefore, with the increased demand for cheap tyres in the market, various brands come into the picture to fulfil the requirements of the customer. One of the mid-range brands that is highly known for delivering excellent driving experience for daily purposes is Firestone Tyres. Bridgestone, which is known to be the premium tyre manufacturer, is a parent company of Firestone Tyres. 

However, the brand consists of benefits as the parent company has years of experience because of which they offer high-quality performance but not as same as Bridgestone. It is the necessity of the vehicle to fit the right tyre. The factors like long drive comfortability, better handling on concrete roads and durability should fulfil the requirement as per the needs.  Selecting this specific brand will provide a wide variety of tyres that suit different purposes and vehicle categories such as agricultural vehicles, buses, passenger cars, trucks, and vans.

 It would be consider an alternative brand offering cheap tyres compare to premium brands.  Being the subset brand of Bridgestone that carries some similarities in their products without spending the money just like premium prices. Firestone offers an impressive advanced innovation in technology.

Designing Prominence of Firestone Tyres

With the shared advantages from the parent brand in their products. Firestone offers different designs, and each design is use in manufacturing the tyres and consists of different features and functions accordingly. Some of the designs are as follows;

-Traction Tech technology is usually construct to increase the tread’s longer life. Whereas, the moulded asymmetric tread pattern is a design that are include while manufacturing the tyres with the features of delivering improved grip performance at the corners. Another such design category of Firestone tyres is the unique stone and mud ejectors which generally protect from dirt and handle better performance on the road. The asymmetrical wall angle is another such design that provides less block deformation along with improved stiffness at the sidewalls. 

-The rib variable profiles are those characteristics of design that offer well-run friction even in wet conditions along with more contact pressure. Whereas, another such design that Firestone Tyres offers in their products is the optimised rib and void distribution which comes with a feature of dispersing the water from the road. With a comprehensive plan towards providing technological innovation, they have introduced a design that is innovative mixing technology and nano pro tech as their main features to deliver ultra-superior performance. 

Different Purpose Firestone Tyres Availability 

Firestone is a worldwide brand because of its diversification, the demand has risen with time which increases the reputation in the industry. They offer an extensive range of tyres satisfying the customer’s requirement as per the road and weather conditions.

-Firestone car tyres of a wide collection of categories such as winter, summer, SUV/4X4, and all-season tyres. The SUV/4×4 tyres comprise some models including Winter Force 2 UV, Transforce AT2, Destination A/T2, Destination LE3, Destination HP, and Destination Winter. However, Firestone all-season tyres consist of the two most popular models such as Firehawk AS V2 and Weather Grip. 

-Firestone Winter tyres comprise some models such as Winter Force 2, Winter Hawk 4, and Winter Hawk 3. Another category of the Firestone is the Summer tyres which consist of some of the models such as Firehawk Indy 500, TZ300, Multihawk 2, Multi-season GEN 02, Roadhawk, Firehawk SZ90, and Firehawk Sport. 

-Firestone van tyres offer extensive models such as Winter Force CV, Transforce HT2, Transforce CV, Vanhawk Multiseason, Vanhawk 2 Winter, and Vanhawk 2. 

Technological Innovation of Firestone Tyres 

Firestone tyres offer different advancement of technological innovations which gives much comforting performance for the drivers as well as the passengers. The following are the technology use by Firestone manufacturers such as;

-The Dual Angle technology is one type of technology that is more likely to be construct to improve the efficiency of the tyre. This technology is made with two tread bar angles on the lug making it more effective drivability and helping to reduce mud clogging on the tyres. This technology offers enhanced traction with the help of more contact in contrast with the standard tyre. The Dual Angle Technology however comes with various benefits such as keeping the heavy soil clean by self-cleaning, increasing traction, reducing slippage and lastly it saves a lot of time and less fuel consumption. 

-The Advanced Improved Flexion( IF) Technology is a technology that is design specifically for agricultural tyres. They consist of the reinforced supple casing which results in better flexion capacity at the sidewalls. This technology has the benefit of even working with lower pressure when carrying heavy loads of vehicles. It saves a lot of fuel and provides enhanced traction on the road making the drive comforting and smooth. 


Firestone Tyres are quite affordable to those who are looking for day-to-day use. They offer a wide variety of tyre models but these tyres hold their reputation in some of the categories of tyres. They are the pioneers in developing a large production of tyres. Today, Firestone mainly aims towards providing sustainability with the help of organic raw materials and renewable sources with the use of natural rubber. However, it is a great choice if you are planning to buy Firestone Tyres. 

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